The story of the Remarkable German Students who Defied Hitler
Jud Newborn and Annette Dumbach

238 pages
ISBN  978-1-78607-250-4

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     • Extensively illustrated with rare historical photos, previously unpublished documents, maps, newspaper accounts, etc.
     • Authors' Introduction on Historical Evolution of Public Response to White Rose since 1945
     • Extensive Appendices, including dramatic Gestapo trial records and indictments
     • All 6 Eloquent White Rose Leaflets
     • Draft of Previously unpublished 7th Leaflet
     • Full list of interviews, primary and secondary sources, archival resources
     • Full bibliography
     • Index


Starting in the summer of 1942, a small group of passionate German Christian students at the University of Munich daringly crossed the threshold from apathy and compliance to daring anti-Nazi resistance, danger and almost certain death.

Two of these students, Sophie Scholl and her brother Hans Scholl, were former fanatical Hitler Youth leaders who had undergone a remarkable transformation to become heroes today considered among the greatest of the German anti-Nazi resistance.

Protesting in the name of principles Hitler thought he had killed forever, the Scholls and their comrades dubbed themselves "The White Rose." During an exhilarating yet ever more tense nine month period they issued a staccato burst of six urgent and eloquent leaflets, distributed in the thousands throughout Germany and Austria, defiantly calling upon their fellow Germans to face up to Nazi atrocities and rise in revolt. 

On February 18, 1943, the White Rose staged the only public act of protest ever to occur against the regime.  Spotted and captured by the Gestapo, they were vilified in a show trial only four days later.  But even as Hitler's "hanging judge,” Roland Freisler, brutally sealed their fate, their message was spreading beyond them and even beyond the borders of Germany, leaving a legacy of hope that has never been more timely or important than it is today.

From start to finish, the compelling story of Sophie Scholl and the White Rose is a suspenseful, gripping and powerfully inspiring account of German resistance to the Third Reich.  Bringing the personalities of the White Rose colorfully to life even as it sets their story in broader historical context, the book is extensively illustrated, with never before published material as well as appendices—including all of the extraordinary White Rose leaflets.

This invaluable addition to World War II literature is also crucial to the continuingly relevant subjects of resistance today to oppression and genocide.  It will appeal to Jews, Christians, Muslims and people of all backgrounds who care deeply about our shared humanity and seek inspiration in the continuing struggle for freedom throughout the world.

“Good, splendid young people!  You shall not have died in vain; you shall not be forgotten.  The Nazis have raised monuments to indecent rowdies and common killers in Germany—but the German revolution, the real revolution, will tear them down and in their place will memorialize these people, who, at the time when Germany and Europe were still enveloped in the dark of night, knew and publicly declared: ‘A new faith in freedom and honor is dawning.’”

“When we heard about what was happening in Munich, we embraced each other and applauded.  There were, after all, still human beings in Germany.”