Who's Who


•“We hit the jackpot with Jud Newborn.  His White Rose program had great substance and really great drama.  One of the best Holocaust and human rights presentations anyone will ever hear.” —EDIE NAVEH, DIRECTOR, HOLOCAUST CENTER OF PITTSBURGH

•“Invited to open our Fall Season with two consecutive programs on the White Rose, Dr. Newborn packed the Grand Gallery twice—something unprecedented for the NAC.” —ALDON JAMES, PRESIDENT, NATIONAL ARTS CLUB, NYC

•“Unique & passion-filled.  Riveting presentation.  The large room filled with lay people, scholars, Jews & gentiles sat together in silent fascination, awaiting the story to unfold.  And unfold it did, with all the drama of a Le Carre spy novel.  Dr. Newborn was complimented as one of the best speakers ever to grace our community.” —MELANIE ZEITLER, JEWISH FEDERATION, SOUTH BEND, IN

•"You have every right to be proud of all your meaningful accomplishments on teaching the lessons of the Holocaust, and I congratulate you.” —ROBERT M. MORGENTHAU, DISTRICT ATTORNEY, COUNTY OF NEW YORK

•“Your powerful multimedia presentation brought Sophie, Hans and their comrades to vibrant life. The Arizona State University students were inspired; Hillel Board members, faculty and community members praised your entertaining technique and erudite approach.  One comment was that ‘Sophie Scholl and the White Rose’ was the ‘perfect event for a Moral Compass theme,’ with your message to students: ‘being Upstanders, not Bystanders.’  Hillel at ASU has adopted this for all of its student programs this year.” —MAUREEN E. CAMPBELL, DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR, HILLEL AT ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY, TEMPE

•“Wide-ranging knowledge, masterful delivery.  Related the story of unsung Jewish and Christian Holocaust heroes to today’s most pressing current events.  Our ideal scholar-in-residence.” —DR. RACELLE WEIMAN, HEBREW UNION COLLEGE., CENTER FOR HOLOCAUST EDUCATION, OH

•“Your work is so impressive and important.” —LIZ SMITH, NATIONAL COLUMNIST

•"The overflowing room was spellbound as you painted a portrait of
courage more like a storyteller than a lecturer.  The lessons to be learned were invaluable, especially in light of current world events & the need for heroes to step forward.  Thank you for bringing light into the darkness." —HEDY BERMAN, HILLEL DIRECTOR, COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY, FORT COLLINS

•“Jud Newborn is a vibrant speaker on subjects of the utmost importance.  He is terrific.” —DR. RUTH WESTHEIMER

•“What impressed your correspondent most was the revelatory lecture by dynamic Jud Newborn.  Thanks to the event held here, both Jud Newborn & his great works have come to the attention of the world—to the benefit of mankind as a whole." —DAVID HOROWITZ, SR. CORRESPONDENT, UN PRESS CORPS

•" I would strongly urge colleges & universities to offer their podiums to Jud Newborn.  Matters of Human Rights, Justice, Peace, Courage, and Conscience find resonance with his lectures on the White Rose." —PROF. JAMES MCNUTT, THOMAS MORE COLLEGE, KENTUCKY

“I particularly want to note Dr. Jud Newborn’s presentation. As many of you, I had heard of Jud’s work and see his postings--but was not prepared for such a powerful, timely message and performance. 
What I like best are his final pieces, when he ties it all up by presenting images and stories of other great resistance heroes from all cultures as well—reminding us how important it is to honor anyone and everyone who refuses to be a bystander in the face of evil.” —DR. MIRIAM KLEIN KASSENOFF, MIAMI, TO WORLDWIDE MEMBERS OF THE AHO—(ASSOCIATION OF HOLOCAUST ORGANIZATIONS)

•“Dynamic & stimulating.  The audience was visibly moved.” —TAMARA  SAVAGE, PROGRAMMING DIRECTOR, HOLOCAUST MUSEUM HOUSTON

•“I enjoyed Dr. Newborn’s program immensely.  In today’s world, where students are often seen as apathetic and uncaring, it is crucial to remember Sophie Scholl, the power of young people, and the importance of standing up for what you believe in.  Dr. Newborn captivates the audience.  Hillels would benefit from hearing this incredible, inspiring story.” —ERIN SEARLE, DIRECTOR PORGRAMMING AND OUTREACH, HILLEL AT ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY, TEMPE

•“Moving & thought-provoking.  Sparked several days of on-going conversation.  Wonderfully lively & creative delivery.” —PROF. SUSAN HYATT, TEMPLE UNIVERSITY

•“Excellent, thought provoking lecture to open the Fall series. It was especially fitting to tie it in to current events.” —PROF. WILLIAM SHULMAN, PRESIDENT, ASSOCIATION OF HOLOCAUST ORGANIZATIONS (AHO)

•"We were thrilled with your program at Episcopal High School.  I will never forget your holding the white rose at the end of the presentation, a symbol of hope and a beacon for human response.  May it be so.” —REV. FLEMING RUTLEDGE, AUTHOR & SPONSOR, EPISCOPAL HIGH SCHOOL, ALEXANDRIA, V.A

“I have worked with many historians & leaders in tolerance awareness
but none compare to Dr. Jud Newborn.  An inspired motivational speaker, he uses his unique skill to point out the links between Nazism & the Islamic extremists in our post-Sept. 11th global community. Jud Newborn should not be missed. —SUSAN PEIREZ, NY DIRECTOR STEVEN SPIELBERG SHOAH FOUNDATION

•“A combination of erudition and panache.” —ANNETTE INSDORF, AUTHOR, “INDELIBLE SHADOWS: THE HOLOCAUST IN FILM”

•"Delivered a public lecture to a capacity crowd.  We appreciate the special effort he made to relate the topic to examples of resistance in South Africa’s history of apartheid.  His use of PowerPoint slides and music added to his most effective presentation.  The audience was notably moved.”  —RICHARD FREEDMAN & MARLENE SILBERT, CAPE TOWN HOLOCAUST CENTRE, SOUTH AFRICA

•“Your speech was just perfect for our leadership.” —RICHARD HEIDEMAN, PRESIDENT, B’NAI B’RITH INTERNATIONAL

•“We were all charmed & impressed with your knowledge & personable
eloquence. What depth your comments on the White Rose lent to the proceedings!  Now we have to find some excuse to invite you out here again." —CHARLENE BALDRIDGE, OLD GLOBE THEATER, SAN DIEGO

“Right on the mark. The standing ovation was given to you by more than 250 people because of your lively style of delivery.  I keep getting compliments for having booked you.” —NORMAN GREENSTEIN, JEWISH FEDERATION OF THE MOHAWK VALLEY, NY

•“Dr. Newborn held our audience spellbound.   He is one of our most frequent & respected speakers. . . one of the great voices in our time teaching the lessons of the Holocaust." —VIC SKOLNICK & CHARLOTTE SKY, CINEMA ARTS CENTRE, LI, NY

•“You are making a huge intellectual impact with your public lectures.  Warmest congratulations.” —PROF. JOHN BOYER, UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO

•“Dr. Jud Newborn’s riveting account left me spellbound, enlightened and inspired.  Truly the most compelling and well-organized lecture I’ve heard in my 25 years in the Wichita, Kansas community.” —ELLY FITZIG, JEWISH FEDERATION, KS

•“Jud Newborn’s book and lectures on the White Rose awakened and inspired me as I have not been in years.  I want the whole world to hear his message.”  —DARY DERCHIN, RADIO HOST & FILM CHAIR, NATIONAL ARTS CLUB, NYC

•"I am still dazzled by how much I learned and my students learned when you were here.” —PROFESSOR RANDAL AUSTIN, NEWMAN UNIVERSITY


•“Dr. Newborn is dynamic & polished, engaging & animated.  More than just an expert, he is a true humanist, revealing how the ‘White Rose’ spirit can live on today.” —MARIO ATIAS, JEWISH CULTURAL COUNCIL, GRAND RAPIDS, MI

•“Excellent.  People were extremely interested in how you tied together the current events in the Middle East regarding terror & resistance to the events of the Shoah.” —RABBI DOV PERETZ ELKINS, PRINCETON JEWISH CENTER (AUTHOR, “CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE JEWISH SOUL”)

•"The typical presentation by academic historians runs along a well-trod path.  Jud Newborn takes a different route—treating his presentations as though he were performing a theatrical monologue.  Dr. Newborn gives you the full historical record, the corroborating evidence, and the photographic documents.  He also brings out the value of the White Rose as role models in confronting ethnic hatred & fanaticism abroad to bias at home.  All will be moved by Dr. Newborn's heartfelt approach." —PROF. MARTY J. KALB, OHIO WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY

•“A compelling & riveting speaker.  The White Rose demonstrated courage & moral insight badly needed today.” —DR. SALLY DRUCKER, NASSAU COMMUNITY COLLEGE, NY

•"You painted a very personal & moving picture of the White Rose & showed what a powerful model they provide for protesting injustice." —LAURA LANDER, GERMAN AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, NYC, YOUNG EXECUTIVES

“An inspiring and accomplished speaker. . . . Moving and provocative, his presentations hold a timeless authenticity that leads listeners into new territory, challenging them to connect these young resistance with contemporary activist groups.” —GRETCHEN BROWNE, DIRECTOR, PLAINVIEW-OLD BETHPAGE PUBLIC LIBRARY

“Jud Newborn is an extremely dynamic, knowledgeable, and interesting speaker who manages to make his topic relevant by bringing in contemporary examples of those who ‘speak truth to power.’ He is a pleasure to work with.” —LAUREN GILBERT, COLD SPRING HARBOR LIBRARY, NY

•“Dr. Jud Newborn captivated the minds & hearts of 250 people with ‘To Life! A Holocaust Hero’s Modern Miracle.’  Remarkably, he invested this poignant tale with hope & inspiration.  Numerous individuals approached me to compliment our choice of speaker & praise Dr. Newborn’s ability to connect with a popular audience.  They were especially impressed with the way he drew them into his own excitement discovering previously unknown artifacts of the Holocaust.” —RABBI BRUCE GINSBURG, SONS OF ISRAEL, WOODMERE, NY

•“Wonderful presentation.  It was educational, informative—and just beautifully executed.” —KARA MARITZER, MONTREAL FEDERATION-CJA

•“The evening was our Major Gifts event, the highest level of giving in our community.  Your presentation & delivery was just what we had hoped for. Our guests were totally absorbed by your historical accounts of Jewish resistance during the Holocaust.” —UJA/FEDERATION, CONNECTICUT

•“Though Shavuot was nearly a month ago, the powerful memory of your presentation is still with me.  Jud, what can I say?  It was masterful!  You are truly one of the best.—RABBI MOSES BIRNBAUM, NY BOARD OF RABBIS

•“Brilliant.  Dr. Newborn spoke to an overflow audience.  His dedication & passion for his work are palpable; his consummate professionalism & scholarship are matched by his warmth & graciousness.” —AVIVA CROWN, PLAINVIEW LIBRARY

•“Because of your eloquence, we received only most complimentary reviews from the largest attendance since the inception of our programs.” —JOYCE SAUNDERS, TEMPLE SHAARAY TEFILA, BEDFORD CORNERS, NY