Sophie School and the White Rose
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Awe-inspiring heroism
By Samantha (New York)

This is a very moving and detailed account of the White Rose resistance movement of 1940s Germany. It is an amazing story, and really renews your faith in humanity. These students, with everything to live for, risked it all to warn their fellow countrymen about the persecution of the Jews, and to try to encourage them to rise up against Hitler and his oppressive regime.

I have also read Inge Scholl's slim book on the same subject, which is good, but this is by far the better read, and a much more substantial account. It includes over 20 photographs as well as new and more readable translations of all 7 of the leaflets that the White Rose sent all over Germany to try to rouse the German people to sabotage the war effort and fight for freedom. The last leaflet was never published, but the text turned up in the Gestapo archives in East Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and this is the only book to include it so far, I think.

I recommend it to all students and people interested in the triumph of the human spirit in the face of adversity. A very good read.

Gripping story of students standing up to Hitler
By Jane Samuels (London)

I missed the German film on Sophie Scholl that was nominated for an Oscar last week, but came across this book and decided to read it instead. It covers the whole story from the beginnings of the White Rose resistance movement that began at Munich University in 1942, and takes you right up to their capture by the Gestapo, interrogation, trial and execution, which are covered in the film

The film focuses on the last few days, so if you've seen the film, read this for all the background on the different members, who they were, why they came together to take on the Nazi regime, and how they went about trying to stir up the German people to oppose Hitler. At the time they were accused of being traitors, but with the benefit of hindsight they were clearly high principled and committed human beings who put the greater good above personal safety and their own lives.

This book is a very good read, combining the historical detail to help you understand the situation the students found themselves in with a fast-paced story that sweeps you along. You definitely feel for the characters as they plan and carry out their activities, and stand up to very tough interrogation. I particularly liked reading the actual leaflets they wrote and tried to circulate round Germany and Austria.

A very moving and inspiring story, and one that renews your faith in humanity.

A very powerful and memorable book
By Dan Brooks (California)

This review is from: Sophie Scholl and the White Rose (Paperback)
SOPHIE SCHOLL & THE WHITE ROSE is, essentially, about the finest aspects of human nature. The White Rose members' integrity and their compassion for their fellow Germans and, more surprisingly, for the Jewish population who had endured years of prejudice and oppression followed by vicious persecution is very impressive.

To mount a secret campaign against the Third Reich, a totalitarian regime of insidious oppression and unbelievable brutality against both the German people and its conquered populations, takes amazing courage.

But to face up to that regime on an intensely personal level, without hesitation or - apparently - regret, fully aware of the consequences, is simply awesome. And it awes me that most of the White Rose members were students like myself! This is a very memorable book with a powerful message.

Amazing - a must read!!!
By Vyacheslav Lukyanenko "NObookworm" (New Orleans, LA)

This book was definitely a must-read, not only for those that are interested in this time period of study, but for anyone who wants to have a better understanding of world history. It's amazing, simply put. It reads so quickly. You are definitely drawn in from the very first page to the last.
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Understanding the other side of the story
By T. Fearon "Theatre Arts Director" (N. California)

I bought this for research and it is terrific. It really gets into the mindset and political background of the story of the White Rose and helps the reader to understand the 'why' of the story. Not as personal as other accounts, it nevertheless is a wonderful background that will help you see Nazi Germany in a whole new light while telling the moving and touching story of Sophie Scholl.

Sophie Scholl and The White Rose
By Deanna Carr "discriminating reader" (Fruitland, Idaho)

It is quite impossible to do an adequate job of reviewing this book.
Knowing that these young German students really lived, daring to risk their young lives and, indeed, losing them, for their distribution of their printed words challenging German people to act against Hitler, is unbelievably humbling and cause for great hope for mankind. Passive resistence worked. Life triumphed over death. Good was stronger than evil.

The authors, Annette Dumbach and Jud Newborn, became accomplished talents with the publication of this book alone.

Their ability to combine the biographies of Sophie, her brother and their compatriots in the making and distribution of the White Rose and the requisite history and analysis of the political climate in Germany during The Holocaust is masterful.

The book reads like a suspense thriller one could read in a few hours. However, their thoughtful, detailed insights into the minds and hearts of the protagonists, compel the reader to read and then reread many passages before being emotionally able to read on. This is a must read for young and old students of the human condition, a truly unforgettable book.

A must read for a restless conscience
By S. Dunham "Truth in Time"

If you have a restless conscience then you will better understand the members of the White Rose.

One interesting story in the book was when the gov't banned all the crucifixes from the public schools in Bavaria in 1941. The parents signed protest letters and petitions and even threw the mandatory picture of Hitler out of classroom windows. The protest was so strong that Hitler backed down. Its scary to think that our gov't has taken Christianity out of the classroom but Hitler couldn't. As you read the book you feel that they felt they were going to get caught but their restless conscience would not let them turn from the course of action that would lead to their deaths. As we see our own freedoms of privacy (Patriot Act), speech (Hate Crime Bills) and other constitutional rights being taken from us by an
ever growing central gov't we can learn a lot from this book. At her trial Sophie Scholl said "Somebody had to make a start". They certainly did and their pamphlets and death had a lasting effect on the German people.

Hans Scholl's last words were "Long live Freedom". The essence of freedom is the limitation of gov't and requires eternal vigilance. The German people allowed Hitler to much power and he enslaved them. We still have the time and ability to limit the power of our gov't but it will take a lot of work and most importantly a restless conscience. 5 stars for this book.